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What you need to know as a florist about the Gloriosa

  • Colourful splendour
    The Gloriosa has different shades, with some also having bicoloured petals, creating a visual effect.
  • Stylish applications
    The Gloriosa has a unique shape, with pointed petals. This gives the Gloriosa a distinctive and sophisticated look.
  • Symbolic meaning
    The Gloriosa symbolises beauty, grace and love. The flower is also often seen as a symbol of splendour and glory, hence the name Gloriosa.

All about the Gloriosa

As a florist, you can't help but fall in love with the Gloriosa, a flower with an exotic appeal. A true feast for the eyes! The Gloriosa, also known as the Climbing Lily, is a climbing plant originally from Africa, but nowadays grown all over the world for its striking, beautiful appearance.

The Gloriosa represents passion, beauty and pride. Hence, the flower is often used on romantic occasions. The Gloriosa is a unique flower that comes with an apt name. Its beautiful appearance in a bouquet, combined with its symbolic meaning, makes this flower a sought-after choice for those striving for a unique and meaningful bouquet. Some varieties have two-coloured petals, extra special!

Give your shop a beautiful exotic look by including the Gloriosa in your range.

Sales inspiration for the florist

The Gloriosa is a beautiful flower often used in mono bouquets, field bouquets or Christmas bouquets. You can find more inspiration here.

Sales advice for the florist

In-store sales advice for Gloriosa

There are several techniques you can apply to the Gloriosa. Think of making arrangements, a bouquet, a mono-bouquet or drying.





When choosing the right bouquet, it is important to consider the meaning of the Gloriosa. Ideal for special occasions. Read the meaning of the flower under 'Product information'.

Give care tips

Give advice on caring for Gloriosa, so the customer knows how to keep the flowers fresh for as long as possible. Read the care tips under 'Care' for the best advice.

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