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The conditions of use apply to every obligation with 365daysofflowers, including the use of its websites. The application of general terms & conditions used by third parties, which includes those of users of a service or facility of 365daysofflowers, is expressly excluded. Additional terms may apply to a particular service or facility of 365daysofflowers. If there is a conflict between the terms for a specific service and the conditions of 365daysofflowers, the terms for the service in question take priority. If there is any discrepancy in the interpretation of this disclaimer and/or the said conditions between the Dutch language version and other language versions, the Dutch language version is final and binding at all times.

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When 365daysofflowers displays hyperlinks or referrals to third-party websites on its own websites, this does not mean that 365daysofflowers is recommending or has verified the products or services offered via those websites. Any such hyperlinks or referrals to third-party websites are included purely for information and they are used at the user's own risk.

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365daysofflowers holds and retains all intellectual property rights in relation to all of the information offered on or via this and other websites belonging to 365daysofflowers. This information may only be printed and/or downloaded for the user's own personal use.

The following acts are not permitted without the prior written consent of 365daysofflowers:

  • in any way disclosing, distributing or duplicating information on this website;

  • displaying links to websites owned by 365daysofflowers;

  • processing the information for commercial purposes.

It is not permitted to endanger the operation of the websites owned by 365daysofflowers, to attack the information being offered or the underlying software or to obstruct other internet users.

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365daysofflowers uses no third party cookies. 365daysofflowers can record and view a user's login details and browsing activities, and we use this to improve the services of 365daysofflowers itself and to counteract improper use. By using the website, you agree to the recording and processing of your (personal) data by 365daysofflowers to help us check up on improper use.

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Messages you send to 365daysofflowers by email may not be secure. If you opt to send an email to 365daysofflowers, you accept the risk that third parties may intercept, abuse or amend those messages.


365daysofflowers is liable for damage only if it is caused by its intent or wilful negligence. In such cases, liability is limited to the amount paid out by insurance in the case in question and otherwise liability is limited to direct damage up to a maximum of EUR 10,000 for each event. 365daysofflowers is never liable for indirect damage and lost profits unless that liability cannot be excluded as a matter of law.

In addition to and notwithstanding the above, 365daysofflowers accepts no liability for any damage arising from:

a) defects, viruses or other inadequacies of or affecting devices and other software connected with

access to or use of the 365daysofflowers websites;

b) the fact that the websites in question may not be operating or available;

c) downloading or using software that is made available via these websites;

d) abuse of these websites;

e) loss of data;

e) the interception, amendment or improper use of information sent by 365daysofflowers to you or the visitor/user of the websites;

f) the information offered via these websites.

This exclusion of liability also extends to cover the directors and staff of 365daysofflowers.

Applicable Law

The law of the Netherlands applies exclusively to the websites owned by 365daysofflowers and this disclaimer. The application of the Vienna Sales Convention (CISG) is explicitly excluded.

All disputes under or associated with this disclaimer shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in the Netherlands.


365daysofflowers reserves the right at any time to amend the information offered on this website or any other website owned by 365daysofflowers, including the text of this disclaimer, without prior notice. We recommend that you should periodically check whether the information offered via these websites, including the text of this disclaimer, have been changed. 365daysofflowers is not liable for any consequences of such changes.

Complaints, unwanted communications

Complaints may be submitted via Customer Service, tel. +31 88 789 89 89, or else via www.royalfloraholland.com/nl/algemeen/contact. Natural persons may report to Customer Service that they do not wish to receive unwanted electronic communications about services other than those for which they have subscribed.

Final Provision

Users may not derive any rights against 365daysofflowers from the information provided on the websites owned by 365daysofflowers. Access to the service offered by 365daysofflowers and any rights stemming from that service may not be assigned or transferred. If any of the 365daysofflowers websites contains a link or button saying "Agreed", it means that you agree to:

  • this disclaimer and these terms of use; and

  • the conditions that apply to the service in question; and

  • the electronic or digital transmission by 365daysofflowers of general terms and conditions (via a quick link).

The '365 days of flowers' campaign is an initiative of the promotion committee 365 days of flowers, part of Royal FloraHolland. Over 1,800 growers from 15 different countries make this possible. They grow over 150 different flowers, which are promoted throughout the year based on Royal FloraHolland's availability dates. The objective of the '365 days of flowers' campaign is to jointly develop sales opportunities for florists.

Collaborate? We can be reached at [email protected] .

Disclaimer and terms of use
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