Alpinia Purpurata

(Red ginger)

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What you need to know as a florist about the Alpinia Purpurata

  • Colourful splendour
    The bright red of Alpinia Purpurata is vivid and intense, attracting immediate attention.
  • Stylish applications
    With its striking flowers and lush leaves, Alpinia Purpurata adds an exotic and colourful element to any floral arrangement.
  • Symbolic meaning
    Alpinia Purpurata symbolises passion, beauty and vitality. The flower is often used to express intense emotions and celebrate life.

All about the Alpinia Purpurata

This flower will enrich your assortment with its striking beauty and exotic appeal: the breathtaking red ginger. With its intense colour and unique shape, the Alpinia Purpurata is an absolute must-have for any florist. With their graceful shape and lush texture, they add a touch of passion and exoticism to any bouquet or floral arrangement. The red ginger is the perfect choice to give your creations that extra something.

In terms of shape, the flowers of red ginger are unique and distinctive. They resemble exotic birds spreading their wings, giving them a striking and impressive presence. Red ginger adds a touch of mystery and drama to a floral arrangement and is sure to attract attention.

In terms of maintenance, red ginger is a relatively easy flower to care for. The flower thrives in warm and humid conditions, so it is important to provide the right environment. Red ginger symbolises strength, love and excitement. Perfect for creating a romantic bouquet!

Sales advice for the florist

In-store sales advice for Alpinia Purpurata

There are several techniques you can apply to the Alpinia Purpurata. Think of making arrangements, a bouquet, a mono-bouquet or drying.





When choosing the right bouquet, it is important to consider the meaning of the Alpinia Purpurata. Ideal for special occasions. Read the meaning of the flower under 'Product information'.

Give care tips

Give advice on caring for Alpinia Purpurata, so the customer knows how to keep the flowers fresh for as long as possible. Read the care tips under 'Care' for the best advice.

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