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Keukenhof week 4

The package this week at Keukenhof consists of entries from 6 participants, 7 different product groups.

The following flowers can be admired until Wednesday in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion at the Keukenhof: various species of Hypericum, Veronica, Iris, Matricaria (Chamomile), Helleborus Magnificific Bells, Calla, Limonium and blue and pink Limonium. All complemented by decorative greenery such as Monstera leaf, Philodendron Xanadu, Cyrtomium falcatum and various asparagus species.

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The '365 days of flowers' campaign is an initiative of the promotion committee 365 days of flowers, part of Royal FloraHolland. Over 1,800 growers from 15 different countries make this possible. They grow over 150 different flowers, which are promoted throughout the year based on Royal FloraHolland's availability dates. The objective of the '365 days of flowers' campaign is to jointly develop sales opportunities for florists.

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