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What you need to know as a florist about the Digitalis

  • Colourful splendour
    Digitalis has a colourful appearance and its flower clusters are often filled with different shades ranging from white, yellow, pink and purple.
  • Stylish applications
    Digitalis are quite large and striking, making them a real eye-catcher in any flower arrangement.
  • Symbolic meaning
    Digitalis symbolises hope, purity and protection. The tall stems of Digitalis are often seen as protective of other plants, as they act as a kind of fence.

All about the Digitalis

The name of this beautiful flower has its origins in the Latin word 'digitus', meaning finger. And it's not hard to guess why; the flowers of the Digitalis look like perfect, colourful thimbles! Native to Europe, this particular flower is known for its tall, elegant stems and distinctive flowers.

The Digitalis stands out immensely with its thimble-shaped flowers. They come in various colours such as pink, purple, white and yellow. The long, slender stems of the Digitalis can add height and structure to a bouquet, giving it a vertical element. You can use the flower for all kinds of festive occasions. Think weddings and birthdays and everything in between.

In addition, the Digitalis is a flower that adds a lot of texture to a bouquet. The flowers are often covered in subtle flecks or spots, giving them an intriguing visual interest. This texture makes for a nice contrast with other flowers in the bouquet, giving it a layered look.

Sales inspiration for the florist

Digitalis is a beautiful flower often used in corsages, bridal bouquets and country bouquets. You can find more inspiration here.

Sales advice for the florist

In-store sales advice for Digitalis

There are several techniques you can apply to the Digitalis. Think of making arrangements, a bouquet, a mono-bouquet or drying.





When choosing the right bouquet, it is important to consider the meaning of the Digitalis. Ideal for special occasions. Read the meaning of the flower under 'Product information'.

Give care tips

Give advice on caring for Digitalis, so the customer knows how to keep the flowers fresh for as long as possible. Read the care tips under 'Care' for the best advice.

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